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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are Paula Hanna, a native of the Okanagan Valley who grow up in the UK, and Pablo Martinez, born in Galicia, just on the other side of the pond.  


Our Story

Just freshly landed in the beauty of Newfoundland, we made it here all the way from North Vancouver Island, where we were managing a small lodge and restaurant in the indigenous community of Alert Bay. 

Having lived in six countries across three continents over the last 20 years, we are thrilled to be able to use our knowledge of travel and hospitality to welcome visitors to its charm and share some of the traditions of Newfoundland. Our curiosity and our love of food means we also bring with us an international, eclectic vision of what comfort food should be.

​Starting his working life as an oceanographer took Pablo to Namibia. He then moved to coffee trading, which has enabled him to build his expertise in fair trade and organic produce. Studying a Professional Cook Certification has given Pablo the push to put his skills to use preparing food for the Inn guests. Check out his Instagram to see some of his delicious ideas. As Pablo was born on the Costa da Morte of northern Spain, he’s very excited to again be able to look out of his windows at the sea.

Paula’s secondary career as a teacher and teacher trainer has enabled her to work in a range of countries and with very diverse groups of people of all ages. She has a culinary Certificate in Pastry Arts from the French Pastry School, which has helped her to feed her love of making pastries, cookies and desserts. Living again in Canada brings Paula back to her Canadian roots, to the friendly folk and fantastic scenery of this beautiful country. Check out her Instagram for some delicious treats. 

Paula and Pablo

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