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Bay Bulls is the perfect hub for your stay on the Avalon Peninsula.


From here, you can explore the beautiful Irish Loop; discover the oldest city in North America - St. John's, or spend the day on a world-class boat tour, leaving right from Bay Bulls.


Whatever your itinerary, our inn is the perfect place to start each day.



Here in Bay Bulls, we have some of the best boat tours in the world. See millions of sea birds, get up close to some of the biggest animals alive, and enjoy the perfect perspective on our rugged coast. For the more adventurous, there's a tour that will have you diving with humpback whales! We'll even help you book your trip.


There's so much to experience on this part of the island. From a wide array of choices in St. John's to a picnic by a lighthouse in Ferryland, you'll love what the Avalon has to offer. We're always ready with a recommendation.



Our inn is so close to the East Coast Trail you're practically on top of it when you step out the door. The hike from our inn to the Bay Bulls lighthouse is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many trails for all levels of fitness on the Avalon, and you'll see something unique on each one.



The thing about Newfoundland is we're full of history. We have the oldest city, communities, and historical sites in North America. You won't want to miss seeing, Mistaken Point, Signal Hill, Cape Spear, and the Ferryland dig site. Ask us about our deep history.



Ask what Newfoundlanders are like and most people will say friendly. However, for as friendly as we are, we're also creative, musical, and witty (well most of us anyway). Check out a play at the Southern Shore dinner theatre, or head to the very well known George Street for some local music. Don't forget to get screeched in!


Here in Bay Bulls and on the Irish Loop there are quaint gift shops filled with local arts and crafts. If you make your way to St. John's you'll be able to browse the local shops of Downtown, or learn more about Newfoundland at the Rooms or the GeoCentre. You'll end up with a little knowledge about our province, and something unique to remember it by.

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