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Transport, no doubt, is one of the most challenging issues for our visitors to The Rock. With few to no public transport options available, your choice is to rent a car or bring your own. We recommend booking rental cars as soon as possible.


Of course, our hikers have the added problem of getting to and from the trail heads, and that has no easy solution. We recommend guests to check out the social media forums to car pool, and once they are here they will usually find other guests who will gladly drop them at their destination. Unfortunately we are not a licensed taxi company and we can't take you, but we are hoping the first ride share companies will be operating in Newfoundland very soon. In the meantime we will be happy to share the contact details of licensed transport operators near us. 

Facebook groups like the ECT Thru Hike, The East Coast Trail Hiking Group, and Hiking NL can be very helpful!

Also, check out this fantastic tool for hikers, a google spreadsheet with very valuable information about hiking the ECT, including distances, campgrounds, where to find shops... 

Hikers in Newfoundland

 Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

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